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The UK Unemployment Rate starts to fall to the lowest since April 2008 Simple Finance Reviews

loan calculator, simple finance, unemployment rate, uk, finance blog

In this week&s simple finance blog, we take a look at the unemployment rate which has fallen to its lowest since April back in 2008! Take a look at this information and maybe consider using our loan calculator afterwards. Find out more by reading below. The employment rate falls to a 7 year low [...]

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Simple Finance release a helpful new bonus blog about buying a new car using the loan calculator

loan calculator, simple finance, buying a new car, bonus blog, offers

Welcome, if you're new to simple finance then let's firstly introduce who we are and what we do. Simple finance offers a variety of loans ranging from payday loans to short-term loans and beyond. We offer an easy to use loan calculator that is available on our website homepage, this loan cal [...]

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How to Save Money for Christmas So You Dont Need To Use a Loan Calculator

loan calculator, how to save money, christmas finance, simple finance

It's that time of year again everyone! Christmas is fast approaching, whether you're enjoying spending time with family and friends, doing your Christmas shopping or prepping for the New Year at Simple Finance UK our loan calculator is still providing affordable loans all year round. Christm [...]

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A Report into Payday Loan Advertisements may be Banned says Simple Finance

loan calculator, simple finance, payday loans, report for possible tv advertisements ban

Recently, simple finance released a blog on saving money for Christmas, if you haven't already seen that, why not head over to our blog section on the simple finance website and have a read. Today, we've read that finance campaigns by larger companies such as Wonga could actually take a mass [...]

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Fines planes and automobiles

Loan calculator, Simple Finance, Keydata, SLS, Volkswagon, Emission testing, Thomson, Cardiff airport

Good morning Loan calculators and welcome to this weeks edition of the simple finance blog. It was a week in which a Mr. McNeil landed a £350,000 fine, Cardiff airport saw an emergency landing from a Thomson flight with 200 passengers onboard and Volkswagen openly admitted to "screwing up" emi [...]

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Attack of the Clones

Loan calculator, Simple Finance, Japan, Rugby, banks, Greece, China, Fix my finances, Clone, Ombudsmen

Good afternoon my loan calculator friends, I hope this blog finds you safe and well. It's been another interesting couple of weeks. Firstly Japan showed us all they may not be known for their physical statue but they certainly are now known for at least in the rugby world as possessing the hearts of [...]

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Slowly slowly catchee monkey

Loan calculator, Simple Finance, Barclays, RBS, Citi, JPMorgan, UBS, Forex trading

Welcome once more loan calculators, It's been a couple of week since I posted so thought I would round off your Monday madness with another shot in the arm of the simple finance blog. On the whole the past week has been a quite one but there of course as always are several stories that hit the headl [...]

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Ushering in a new era of simple finance

Legislation, FCA, Loan, Interest rates, charges, Loan calculator, Simple Finance

The introduction and recent tightening of licensing requirements have really ushered in a new era for the short-term market and loan calculator sites. Despite the new regulations taking an obvious toll on the number of businesses still involved in the sector the early indications are the usual suppl [...]

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8.6 Billion Reasons To Love Biotechs

Loan calculator, Simple Finance, Conservatives, John Kerry, 60th Edition, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, Alexion Pharcaceuticals, North Korea, Ballistic missles

Madness this week my loan calculator friends when we read that Italy has rescued over 4000 migrants off the Libyan coast from the clutches of the people smugglers. Chelsea football club scoop the UK Premiership title and John Kerry becomes the very first secretary of American state to visit Somalia [...]

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Google fine goggles the mind

Loan calculator, Simple Finance, California, Twitter, Youtube, Turkey, Social media, LIBOR, Google, Financial penalties

In a week were we have water restrictions in drought-ridden California, tragic news over the suicide research for the German co-pilot and Twitter and YouTube were made inaccessible in Turkey as part of a radical government crackdown on social media. Desperate times indeed. In business news Royal Dut [...]

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Its time for fee and cake

Loan calculator, Simple Finance, FCA, Fees, Levies, Brokers, Regulate, Change

Its been another interesting week which saw the release, as I am sure my dedicated loan calculator chums will remember me saying some time ago of the FCA Fees and Levies for 2015/16. With a staggering increase in annual funding of 7.9% to a jaw dropping 481M it was clear that this was going to [...]

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Bank accounts and turn abouts

Loan calculator, Simple Finance, Bank Accounts, Switching, FCA, CASS, IBAN

So then it was the turn of the humble bank account. That long-standing staple of the UK consumer and something us fellow loan calculators have long debated through various twists and turns of fees, charges and service quality. The FCA delivered its report in March about how it was going to make swit [...]

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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk