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Nov 11, 2015

The UK Unemployment Rate starts to fall to the lowest since April 2008 Simple Finance Reviews

In this week&s simple finance blog, we take a look at the unemployment rate which has fallen to its lowest since April back in 2008! Take a look at this information and maybe consider using our loan calculator afterwards. Find out more by reading below.

The employment rate falls to a 7 year low of 5.3 percent in the three months to September new figures show. The Simple finance loan calculator found out that the number of people not working fell by 103,000 between July and September to just 1.75 million. There was also 31.21 million people actually still working and more than 177,000 for the April to June quarter and 419,000 more than in the exact same period just a year earlier. The simple finance loan calculator continues to increase demand, and over this time we believe that it is a "Strengthening Trend".

Simple finance found that ONS satisfaction Nick Palmer mentioned that: "These figures continue the recent strengthening trend in the labour market with a recent new record high in the employment and the unemployment rate still at its lowest since spring 2008". They also said that all of the total earnings that workers earned including all of the bonuses in the three months to September was up by 3 percent from the year earlier at the same rate in the three months leading up to August.

In the month September, the loan calculator also found that the total wages earned rose by 2.0 percent down from 3.2 percent on the previous month which seen the weakest increase since the February. Excluding the bonuses, average weekly earnings growth slowed to just 2.5 percent in the third quarter and 1.9 percent in September, both of these are the weakest since the first quarter of the year 2015! The simple finance loan calculator further noted that the chief economist, Christ Williamson at the research firm called Markit said that: "The UK labour market continued to tighten in September as the unemployment fell more than we expected and the employment rose very sharply."

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Sources: BBC, Google

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