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Mar 12, 2015

Football and world war three

Another March races by and wow, has it been a busy couple of weeks for both the business and the political world. As usual your simple finance blog will do its best to bring you up to speed on the main events. Monday saw Iraqi armed forces launch counter offensive strikes on the Islamic state at Tikrit. Libya's council of deputies agrees to resume peace talks. Hopefully this will see a way forward for the war torn country but nothing is ever that simple. Finance gurus were shocked when the RBS announced 14,000 job loses as it withdraws from its US and Asian markets. In other news Harrison Ford is reported as stable after his aircraft crashed at the Penmar golf course in Los Angeles. I am sure all my loan calculator friends will join with me in wishing him a swift recovery.

Football crazy?

Sepp blatter uses his weekly FIFA magazine to call on Iran to end its intolerable ban on their women being allowed at football matches. Appreciate his sentiment but think there may be more pressing matters with regards to women's rights in Iran. Speaking of crazy tensions increase as Vladimir Putin orders troops to be placed in full readiness in response he claims to increasing NATO activity. Lets hope loan calculator friends for all of our sake this hostility is resolved shortly.

Simple finances review of the week!

Well a snap opinion pole from all of us simple finance confirms we all think the world is going slightly mad. In a time when Ebola threatens the very existence of the human race surely a little solidarity and cooperation would be called for. Of course us loan calculators are only too aware power plays is a much more important concern for the political elite.

Until next time my loan calculator chums,

Take care from all at simple finance.

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