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May 9, 2015

8.6 Billion Reasons To Love Biotechs

Madness this week my loan calculator friends when we read that Italy has rescued over 4000 migrants off the Libyan coast from the clutches of the people smugglers. Chelsea football club scoop the UK Premiership title and John Kerry becomes the very first secretary of American state to visit Somalia in forever. In other news scientists discover galaxy EGS-zs8-1 (genuinely that's what they called it, for easy reference obviously) which reports to be the oldest and furthest galaxy ever found. The conservatives power their way to another election victory with the resignation of both the lib dem and the labour party leaders. They are now trying to work out how exactly they keep their 10 percent spending reduction without being seen as the bad cops. In business Alexion pharmaceuticals agreed to buy Synageva Biopharma who specialize in treatment for rare diseases for a massive $8.6 Billion sound like a simple finance decision to me.

Hello to all new loan calculators

Last month I have to admit I had not one but two emails from readers who mentioned in their infinite wisdom that I never, ever, ever (was the actual words used) welcome new readers. Well as I told them then, and I will say again now this is serious news article not a fan club, but welcome newcomers all the same. This is the 60th edition of the simple finance blog and it has given me great pleasure to be able to say a few words every couple of weeks to round up some of the main events that reverberate in the simple finance offices and a few that don't. Either way I am your blog master and long live the medium of expression so say all of us.

Hot topics right now

As I am writing this to you I am aware of the chatter of new in the background and literally just braking is the news that Korea has successfully fired a ballistic missile. Only 70 years or so later than the german's V2. I am glad they have their priorities right in the use of their limited resources to deliver such a groundbreaking waste of time. I fear the resources would have been better-spent open school and hospitals or even teachers and medicine to go in the ones they already have. Its true my loan calculator friend's; economies are built on healthy educated citizens. The fact they are reaching this military milestone so much later than so many other countries should probably be an early warning system in its self. Unfortunately that's what they will be spending the next decade's budget on instead.

Anyways that's quite enough ranting from me for one week

Until next week my little loan calculator chums

Keep them sums adding up.

Kind regards

All at simple finance



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