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May 25, 2015

Slowly slowly catchee monkey

Welcome once more loan calculators, It's been a couple of week since I posted so thought I would round off your Monday madness with another shot in the arm of the simple finance blog. On the whole the past week has been a quite one but there of course as always are several stories that hit the headline and stuck in my mind. The DOW Jones industrial average hit a record high, south Korea gets reassurance from America of its military commitment while scolding North Korea for a range of suspected crimes. Russia gets its Damascus embassy attacked. Italian football is rocked with 50 arrests over alleged match fixing as part of ongoing investigations. California declares a state of emergency as 100,000 gallons of crude oil leaks, substantial quantities of which have found its way into the Pacific Ocean.

Banks shown the moon.

North Korea suddenly cancelled the scheduled visit of Ban ki-Moon the secretary general of the Un to visit, while else where five other well known banks were the center of yet another financial scandal. Barclays, RBS, Citi, JP Morgan and UBS are fined 5.7 Billion after a United States investigation into collusion with Forex trading (not again guys just how simple, finance illiterate are these guys). Estimates put the profits these banks were allowed to make at 100 Billion plus, which does make the fines look like a small price to pay.

Simple finance top tips for happiness.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try and try again right? Actually I would argue no. It's clearly not what you're good at so pay someone who is and move onto something you excel at. Cynical? Yes maybe a little but how many businesses have we seen launch products they clearly know very little about only to sell the liability to those who do or close the arm of the business completely. The reason for this I would suggest my loan calculator friends is they are trying to hard. They are forcing things and I think there lies the secret to happiness in life also. Be yourself who else are you going to be right? Refrain from forcing things, slowly slowly catchy monkey as the saying goes. As for me I am off to enjoy my own little piece of happiness not a forced smile in sight.

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